Following are the supported file types and instructions for sending your art.
Customer supplied art will be printed "AS IS" and no guarantee is made as
to clarity, size or final image on product.

Send all art files to:

M&M Balloons offers art services (optional)at $25.00 per hr (1 Hr Minimum) to
re-work customer art.

All Files shall be in PC (we do not accept mac)

File Types
Illustrator 10 (or less)

Convert all text to outlines
All art should be sent in Black & White.
Grey scale art will be converted to a newsprint dot pattern so that it may be silk

All photos will be printed in black & white ink.

We have a large file of ready made clip art please let us know what you are
looking for and we'll let you know what we have at no additional cost.
M&M Balloon Depot